Welcome to my Web site!

On this site I am hoping to provide a condensed version of the material taught in class. You can use it to preview what’s coming up or to catch up on material that you missed. Due to the interactive nature of teaching Science, the information on these pages is by no means a complete representation of everything done in class, but is simply a summary of the essential points of the curriculum. Just use the navigation menu to find the relevant information. The sequence of the items in the navigation menu matches the sequence of units taught in each grade. Each unit will last roughly 2-3 months.

I am in the process of updating my site to become more useful and comprehensive to serve as a better anchor point while you are staying home due to the COVID-19 crisis. The remaining units for both grades will consist of condensed versions, focusing on core concepts and skills.


Adobe PDFThe safety of students in Science and Technology is my number one priority. Some of the materials that we will use have the potential to be harmful and the power tools definitely have the potential to cause injury. Students will receive thorough safety training on each machine and will be closely supervised during all activities involving tools. Students will operate with more freedom when they have shown to be responsible with the tools and mindful of their and other people’s safety. A safety contract outlining details of the safety policies will come home in the first week of instructions and must be returned signed for students to be allowed to use the tools. Click the Adobe PDF Icon for a copy of the safety contract.